A class of heterodetic cyclic heptapeptides present in Amanita phalloides; together with the amatoxins, the main toxin components of this fungus.
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phalloides produces 2 types of toxins: phallotoxins and amatoxin.
Embryos and nauplius larvae of the dendrobranchiate malacostracan Sicyonia ingentis were stained with fluorescent phallotoxins to study myogenesis.
Unfortunately, these mushrooms have no unique smell or taste characteristics, and cooking does not destroy the two types of cyclic oligopeptide toxins, the amatoxin and the phallotoxins.
Phalloidin, which constitutes the main agent of phallotoxins, is a cyclic thermostable and easily dialyzable octapeptide, with a molecular mass of ~900 Da (2).
The lethal dose of the [alpha]-amanitin component is 0.1-0.3 mg/kg (8), and phallotoxins seem to exacerbate the action of amatoxins.