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Worship of the male genitalia.
Synonym(s): phallism
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He already sees a trend in gender studies where, for example, critics attack war's phallicism.
24) It follows that by affiliating with the heron Sylvia transforms her potentially isolate phallicism into a more transcendent, relational one.
The range of behavior and belief among men of the last two centuries is wide, and while the significance of phallicism as a cultural force is clear, coexisting with its most prevalent forms are less common--but still quite noteworthy--undercurrents of discontent and subversion by some men.
Only upon his exit from the shower does his phallicism reassert itself.
Nor is the phallicism of hunting lessened when the prey is seen as male - it takes on homoerotic connotations as in this dialogue exchanged between hunters stalking giraffes: "Give it to him
Reassurance in phallicism was obtained without his having to give
87) with this interpretation, or with Bettelheim's well-known general model concerning male envy of feminine sexual physiology, on the grounds that it treats only the uterine symbolism and denies the equally prevalent phallicism of pseudo-procreative rites; and yet his own explanation for the secrecy component is self-contradictory.