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Worship of the male genitalia.
Synonym(s): phallism
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If we remember that viscosity is the inherent property which prevents free flow in that which is nevertheless fluid, we can find in semen a symbol that can supplement our conventional notion of static phallicism.
Major does this by subverting the paradigm of Calibanic phallicism with black phallic tricksterism, in the process, he changes the black phallus from a symbol of pollution to one of productivity and proliferating meanings.
Not only will more Evangelines be born to unsuspecting "good mothers" but Musset's prowess at providing pleasure for women, literalized in the phallicism of her body, disrupts this heterosexist fantasy and disputes the idea that only fathers can lie with women and make children.
His reticence--armed with his umbrella in the London fog--is like a reversal of Melville's exuberant phallicism.