phalangeal cell

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pha·lan·ge·al cell

the supporting cells of the spiral organ, attached to the basement membrane and receiving the hair cells between their free extremities.
See also: phalanx (2).
Synonym(s): Deiters cells (1)

phalangeal cell

One of the cells supporting the hair cells of the organ of Corti. These cells form several rows of outer phalangeal cells (Deiters' cells) and a single row of inner phalangeal cells.
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Otto F.K., German anatomist, 1834-1863.
Deiters cells - the supporting cells of the organ of Corti; one of the large neuroglia cells of nervous tissue. Synonym(s): astrocyte; phalangeal cell
Deiters nucleus - lateral vestibular nucleus.
Deiters terminal frames - platelike structures in the organ of Corti uniting the outer phalangeal cells with Hensen cells.