phacolytic glaucoma

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phac·o·lyt·ic glau·co·ma

glaucoma secondary to hypermature cataract and occlusion of the trabecular drainage meshwork by lens material.
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Zimmerman, "Phacolytic glaucoma; a clinicopathologic study of one hundred thirtyeight cases of glaucoma associated with hypermature cataract," Archives of Ophthalmology, vol.
Inclusion Criteria: All cases of phacolytic glaucoma.
After necessary ocular and systemic examination and investigations, paracentesis was done in patients with phacolytic glaucoma prior to cataract surgery.
RESULTS: In the present study prospective analysis was done on 30 patients with phacolytic glaucoma. Majority of the patients were in the age group of 61-70 years.
DISCUSSION: Patients with phacolytic glaucoma typically have a history of gradual vision loss for months or years prior to the acute onset of pain and redness.
Of the 25 patients, 17(68%) patients had phacolytic glaucoma and 8(32%) patients had phacomorphic glaucoma.
Subsequently various workers described such types of cases under different names like lens induced glaucoma, lens induced uveitis and glaucoma, phacotoxic glaucoma, phacogenetic and phacogenic glaucoma and finally phacolytic glaucoma.
These terms including the more popular terms phacolytic glaucoma have been discarded by and for various reasons and convenience in favor of the term 'Lens induced glaucoma.
Phacolytic glaucoma (68%) was more than phacomorphic glaucoma (32%).