Characterized by or referring to phacolysis.
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Characterized by or referring to phacolysis.
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Complications of hypermature cataract: spontaneous absorption of lens material and phacolytic glaucoma-associated retinal perivasculitis.
Glaucoma may occur in open angle or angle closure forms, and there are 4 distinct variants: phacolytic, phacomorphic, lens particle and phacoantigenic.
If the crystalline lens leaks due to age or trauma, the contents are inflammatory and can lead to phacolytic glaucoma.
after uveitis) or lens material (phacolytic glaucoma), the aqueous humor cannot pass through the trabecular meshwork and the intra-ocular pressure increases.
The patients were diagnosed with phacolytic glaucoma when they complained of severe pain and redness in eye with long standing poor vision.
The second type is a phacolytic (Lens Protein) secondary open angle glaucoma due to trabecular meshwork obstruction due to the leakage of lens material through the capsule of a senile cortical cataract.
b) Phacolytic glaucoma occurs when the lens thickens and narrows the anterior angle
At present all those conditions are termed as Lens Induced Glaucoma (LIG) which includes many types of secondary Glaucoma in which Phacomorphic accounts most of cases followed by phacolytic Glaucoma.