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Initial indications for small gauge vitrectomy were limited to those not requiring extensive vitrectomy, membrane dissection, or phacofragmentation, due to initial issues with limited instrument array and increased flexibility.
Use of hybrid 20G/23G or 20G/25G systems, such as during phacofragmentation, can create infusion/outflow mismatch if care is not taken to raise infusion pressures to match egress [64].
* Invented phacofragmentation and irrigation of cataracts technique and associated device, the J Shock Phacofragmenter.
Shock was more than up for the challenge, inventing a new technique called phacofragmentation and irrigation of cataracts, which consisted of an ultrasonic vibrating needle that fragmented the cataract and washed the resulting pieces out of the eye through a small incision.
The use of posterior segment phacofragmentation was associated with higher rate of RD, but the difference was not significant.
A femtosecond laser can be used to create anterior capsulotomy (a type of eye surgery in which an incision made into the capsule of the crystalline lens of the eye), effect phacofragmentation (rupture and aspiration of the lens), or make a variety of incisions during ocular surgery.
Phacofragmentation without perfluorocarbon liquid for dislocated crystalline lenses or lens fragments after phacoemulsification.
The LenSx system is indicated for anterior capsulotomy and laser phacofragmentation during cataract surgery, providing a complementary surgical approach to certain manual steps within the traditional cataract procedure.