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A manipulation in massage, consisting in a kneading of the muscles.
[Fr. kneading]
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A massage technique in which fascicles of muscles are kneaded, lifted, grasped, squeezed, rolled and released, with the intent of stimulating locoregional circulation and relaxing contracted muscles.
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A movement in massage that involves the lifting of tissues away from underlying structures, with the intention of improving elasticity and stimulating local blood and lymph circulation. Includes kneading, skin rolling, and wringing.
[Fr. kneading]
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Some examples of massage techniques include (1) effleurage, (2) kneading, (3) petrissage, (4) friction, (5) tapotement, and (6) vibrations and shaking [63].
Key words: petrissage, tapotement, warm-up, range of motion, jumps.
Various strokes such as, effleurage, petrissage, tapotement and frictions have been developed from Swiss massage.
Hence, the purpose of the study was to establish whether particular massage strokes (petrissage or tapotement) had any effect on power performance of the plantar flexors and ankle joint flexibility immediately post-treatment.
Treatment / intervention which was either the control, massage treatment 1 (petrissage) or massage treatment 2 (tapotement), applied in a randomly assigned order.
The amount of oil applied to each subject was sufficient to provide comfort during the vigorous application of petrissage without irritation of the skin or hair on the leg.
To determine which condition was different, simple contrasts were performed revealing the gains in flexibility from pre- to post-massage were greater for the petrissage (3.7% ES = 0.64) and tapotement (3.2% ES = 0.62) compared to the control (1.3% ES = 0.18).
Although not significant (p = 0.34), numerically, the two massage treatments had larger gains in flexibility compared with the control group (petrissage = 2.7% ES = 0.48: moderate, tapotement = 2.4% ES = 0.34: small, control = 1.1% ES = 0.1).
The purpose of this study was to determine if petrissage and tapotement forms of massage would influence the flexibility of the plantar flexors and muscle power.
Effect size magnitudes (Cohen, 1988) indicated that both types of massage for the right ankle and petrissage for the left ankle caused moderate changes in ROM while tapotement had a small effect for the left ankle.
The massage therapists employed long stroking effleurage techniques and petrissage from the PSIS to C7.
The protocol consisted of deeply applied effleurage, petrissage and friction techniques to the hand and arm with the depth and rate of the massage kept as consistent as possible.