petri plate

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Julius, German bacteriologist, 1852-1921.
Petri dish - a small shallow plate used especially in microbiology for the cultivation of microorganisms on solid media. Synonym(s): Petri plate
Petri plate - Synonym(s): Petri dish
Petri test - for proteins.

petri plate,

n a shallow dish with a loose cover that is used in the laboratory for growing microorganisms.
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The company believes the BNP(TM) has a high potential of capturing a significant percentage of the annual multi-billion dollar Petri plate market in both the United States and internationally.
Petri plates containing appropriate growth medium (one plate per group)
OTC: NNLX), the biotechnology company focused primarily on rapid diagnostics, is pleased to announce independent tests show extraordinary success in testing of a revolutionary new packaging technology for the long-term, room-temperature storage of Petri plates used for bacteria detection.
Epruvete urine, trays chair, plugs for tubes, bags and stomaher eze group third petri plates and cups for sampling group 4th cylinders, beakers, funnels, wash bottle, canisters and other group 5th pipette tips and pipettes
5-cm petri plates (Fisherbrand, Fisher Scientific, Suwanee, GA) containing dilute SDY media (7.
The AutoAssay[R] System uses a high resolution color digital camera and easy-to-use Windows software to instantly read 90-100 m agar petri plates.
The various media were then autoclaved and cooled prior to pouring into petri plates.
Seeds were next washed thoroughly in tap water 25 seeds were placed on two layers of moist filter paper in plastic Petri plates that were 9.
Both BNP kits and NanoLogix TSA Petri plates will be packaged in the company's proprietary inert-gas charged vacuum Flat Packs.
To see if yeast could be used as a model organism to help explain the abrupt, age-related increase in human-cancer risk, McMurray needed to closely track the life spans of 40 "mother" yeast cells that were arranged in pairs within 20 petri plates.