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n a prayer making a request on behalf of one's self.
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As for Villefort, instead of sending to Paris, he carefully preserved the petition that so fearfully compromised Dantes, in the hopes of an event that seemed not unlikely, -- that is, a second restoration.
So, the petition in favour of the bill was agreed upon, and the meeting adjourned with acclamations, and Mr Nickleby and the other directors went to the office to lunch, as they did every day at half-past one o'clock; and to remunerate themselves for which trouble, (as the company was yet in its infancy,) they only charged three guineas each man for every such attendance.
It was he who suggested the petition, which is not likely to do much good, as the thing cannot be done in any such fashion However, I have promised Brown to get as many signatures as I can; so you may as well sign it, Erskine.
I at first sight did not care to sign this petition, because I would as soon petition a tiger to share his prey with me as our rulers to relax their grip of the stolen labor they live on.
If you had not forced me--I could not get out of it after you set the example--I would have seen him d--d sooner than have had anything to do with his petition.
The boy's words recalled to the Caliph the petition he had read that morning, and he waited with interest to see what the children would do.
This decision could have a chilling effect on creditors' willingness to join involuntary bankruptcy petitions in Nevada and other jurisdictions due to their exposure to potential liability following dismissal of the petition as a result of their disqualification based on their partially disputed claims.
At least 237 election petitions, including ones on party lists, that were filed after the August 8, 2017 polls have been dismissed or withdrawn.
IN the 50 years before women gained the vote in 1918, almost 17,000 petitions for women's suffrage were sent to the House of Commons, containing over 3.
In an effort to enhance communication with citizens, the presidential office has issued its stance on divisive issues including abortion, retrial of child rapists and better support for regional trauma centers, in response to petitions tackling the social issues.
org and created online petitions against 'The Last Jedi'.
Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko might this morning join the growing list of politicians who have survived election petitions as a result of technicalities.