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n a prayer making a request on behalf of one's self.
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The bureau's counsel urged the court to withdraw the stay granted to the petitioner.
He said four more inquiries had been approved against the petitioner during the physical remand only to prolong his custody with the NAB .
The petitioner who agrees to bring a petitioner on behalf of an unsuccessful candidate should be ready to meet the consequences of the failed petition and cannot hide behind a sponsored petitioner," said Judge Omondi.
It stressed that failure of the petitioner to comply with this provision is a sufficient ground for the dismissal of the petition.
He said the petitioner had the burden to prove his case beyond reasonable doubt.
The petitioner said that the respondent was an adulterous woman and often received phone calls from other men.
According to the details, the petitioner Ghulam Mustafa Memon pleaded in the court that he and other staff members had not been paid pension and retirement funds after their retirement.
The petitioner had claimed that massive corruption had taken place in the project.
The Notices were issued to the contemnors The Petitioner had contended that He was Senior Most officer in Authority and since 30 years working in PSQCA the deputation officers came from the others department on deputation which was another violation of Hon'able 'Supreme Court' orders they had planned to blocked the petitioner and carried DPC's and Passed orders against Rehmatullah Memon also issued service rules against the orders of Sindh High Court, as petitioner is bonafied officer of PSQCA as per act 6 of 1996 his benefits will not be reduced.
The petitioner replied that it was Bol TV where TV anchor do his program.
Deniswaran, who has been removed from his ministerial portfolio, has filed an application under and in terms of Article 140 of the Constitution, seeking the Appeal Court to issue an interim order restraining the Respondents from interfering with and/or prohibiting and/or preventing the Petitioner functioning as Minister of Fisheries, Transport, Trade and Commerce, Rural Development, Trade & Commerce, Road Development and Motor Traffic of the Northern Province.
No-fault divorce is filed by the petitioner without indicating that either the petitioner or the other spouse is at fault.