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n a prayer making a request on behalf of one's self.
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Of note in the latter study is that the demonstrated effects were unique to meditative prayer, as petitionary prayer exhibited nonsignificant indirect effects.
Intercessory prayer brings before God the needs of others; petitionary prayer presents to God the needs of those praying.
As this "referredness to God" strengthens, the third and final phase of confession ensues: "Thus, entirely new tones, the tones of faith and hope, irrupt into the penitent and petitionary tones of confessional self-accounting, and these new tones make possible the order or concord that is intrinsic to prayer" (144-45).
For my analysis suggests that even the wide variety of classical Eucharistic Prayers supports an interpretation of the words of institution as primarily epicletic or petitionary rather than performative.
And the disrespect is sharpened by the fact that, when people feel sure God is on their side, they can't fathom the possibility that their predetermined petitionary prayers could be anything but a blessing.
When I first engaged with Christian groups in Oxford, I was both titillated and shocked by their additions to petitionary prayer.
On the other hand, as part of an important shift of emphasis towards the petitionary, comic and religious works, there is an attempt to recuperate poems that might otherwise be forgotten.
Byrd and Boe's (2001) finding that anxious attachment was associated with petitionary prayer, perhaps a "clingy" way of relating to God to stave off underlying feelings of rejection, provides some empirical support for this notion.
the topic of old-fashioned petitionary prayer, which seems at once intellectually dubious and an essential feature of theism) even her admirers may find some difficulties sticking in their throat.
Yet these two petitionary miracles do not magically deliver Frodo from further harm, nor do they negate the necessity of his own valorous effort.
For petitionary prayer, amen carries the further valence that the one who hears also wishes for what the one who blessed sought.
Lang divides the essence of Christian worship into six categories: praise, which includes the declaration of the magnalia Dei; petitionary prayer; the sermon, inherited from Judaism; sacrifice, which he sees as original to the Jesus-tradition and its celebration of a meal; sacrament, whose invitation to divine presence L.