petitgrain (peˑ·tē·grān),

n an essential oil distilled from the leaves and stems of the bitter orange (
Citrus aurantium), useful for treating acne and oily skin, fatigue, and stress.
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Applied to the temples, neck and chest before bedtime, this dreamy balm, which contains calming (and festive) frankincense, soothing lavender and harmonising petitgrain, helps you drift off naturally.
Perfect for when you are feeling under pressure, the combination of wild camomile, petitgrain, frankincense and rosemary promises to help you to focus and clarify your thoughts.
Using essential oils like Lavender, Neroli, Sandalwood, Sweet Marjoram and Petitgrain as part of aromatherapy treatments also has a direct physiological and psychological effect, leading to relaxation and better sleep patterns.
Luminous petitgrain and luscious peach and orange flower ripple over voluptuous flower flow o er rippl p e ov o er vol o up cashmere wood.
Lime, ylang ylang and petitgrain decongest while healing palmarosa and lavender encourage a clear, fresh complexion.
In summer it will be lavender, clary sage, lemon verbena, basil, peppermint, Helicrysum (immortelle or everlasting oil), yarrow, angelica and some trimming of the citrus as the fruits form tiny balls for petitgrain.
The vibrant top Accord opens with a burst of juniper, petitgrain, blood orange
I plumped for the De-Stress Mind Oil, made with chamomile, petitgrain and frankincense.
The five new mists include: Chill Pill, a blend of lavender, citrus and patchouli; Cool Hottie, a blend of lavender, peppermint and vitex; First Response, a blend of tea tree, camphorous eucalyptus and citrus; Panic Button, a blend of lavender, neroli and petitgrain and Pep Talk, a blend of cardamom, peppermint and citrus.
Therefore, personal care marketers are ready to capture their attention, offering innovative scent stories such as frosted plum, peppermint bliss and lemon and petitgrain, to name a few.
That's because Patt, who is also with BIRU, is experimenting with petitgrain oils--essential oils used as perfume bases--to see which work best in mimicking the flushing shoots that attract Asian citrus psyllids.
Seven Eartholates are currently available: Citral Organic Eartholate, Citronellal Organic Eartholate, Geraniol Organic Eartholate, Cinnamaldehyde Organic Eartholate, Linalool Organicex Basil Eartholate, Linalool Organicex Petitgrain Eartholate and Linalool Acetate Organicex Petitgrain Eartholate.