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a lesser dimension.

small buffalo grass
small burr medic
small colon
the terminal colon in the horse between the right dorsal colon and the rectum. Because of its small diameter it is a common site for obstruction by phytobezoars and similar bodies.
small colon impaction
subacute colic in horses characterized by a palpable mass in the midlevel right abdomen.
small-faced mallow
small-flowered buttercup
small-flowered Darling pea
small-flowered mallow
small-flowered melilot
small golden tip
small-headed rice-flower
small intestine
includes all of the intestine between the pylorus and the ileocecal valve; composed of the duodenum, jejunum and ileum. See also intestine, intestinal.
small intestine meridian points
acupuncture points on the small intestine meridian.
small-leaf poranthera
small-leaved bluebush
small liver fluke
small nuclear ribonucleoproteins
small passion flower
small stomach worm
small strongyles
include Caballonema, Cyathostomum, Cylicocyclus, Cylicodontophorus, Cylicostephanus, Cylindropharynx, Gyalocephalus, Poteriostomum spp.
small yellow foxglove

Patient discussion about small

Q. Is it true that if you want to lose weight you should cut your food in small pieces? I mean, you burn more calories in the cutting, and in the chewing (as you have more pieces to chew on...)

A. not really...i tried this diet and i lost a few lbs. but not too much. it has reason in it because eating slowly will get you to eat less. you see, it takes a while until the body reacts to food entering the stomach and if you eat fast food you are overriding this mechanism.

Q. Can I get a little more information on amniocentesis…. hi all…..I am 38 years pregnant. I am expecting my 3rd child and I will have my amniocentesis test next week ………can I get a little more information on amniocentesis…. what else I can find and why do they take this and can it harm….. Please.

A. Hi………. Amniocentesis is done in 15 – 18 weeks for genetic screening. It’s mainly done for the pregnant women of more than 35 years of age. This is mainly carried out, if the prenatal test had shown any likelihood of problem with the baby or If found with any genetic problem with previous child and any previous miscarriages also. It’s used to check the baby`s heart rate and lung maturity. They check for any chromosomal abnormalities. Generally risk is very less such as high loss of blood, infection, premature labor.

Q. Where can i get the little computer for kids who have autism? I don't know what its called but its like a little computer or something that reads allowed what the person is writing. Can someone please tell me where to get it. I would love it if my brother had one because he has autism. Thank you!

A. What you want is text-to-speech SOFTWARE that can be loaded on any computer. You paste any text into the onscreen box and it will read it with a synthesized voice. So you have have to be able to highlight, copy, and paste the text.
The link below is a free one. You can find lots more on google if you type in "text to speech".

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La Petite Maison Abu Dhabi's menu will feature the restaurant's signature dishes, with traditional fused with contemporary techniques, using premium produce and served with efficiency.
Bringing French-Mediterranean cuisine influenced by Ligurian Italy to Abu Dhabi, La Petite Maison will accommodate 80 patrons in its French-inspired vibrant indoor space.
La Tunisie celebre, le mardi 11 juillet 2017, la Journee des Microentreprises et des Petites et Moyennes Entreprises, nouvellement instituee par l'Assemblee generale des Nations Unies.
tub of Petite Creme's unsweetened Plain & Simple has just 100 calories and 2 grams of saturated fat (along with 12 grams of protein and 20 percent of a day's calcium).
Never one to follow fashion trends or read Vogue, Jess went to Canary Wharf in London to see what other petite business women were wearing.
La Petite Academy has over five years remaining on an original twenty year lease.
But if, like me, you're petite, it's not just length that's a problem.
Therefore, the NGOs argue that if Barroso requested that the ethics committee should examine Swedish Match's complaint, Petite would have been in a situation of "absurd" conflict of interest.
But as more and more petite ranges are popping up on the high street, there is no better time for shorter ladies to stock up their wardrobes.
As a confident, petite woman, Redknapp understands the importance of dressing for one's shape and is therefore an ideal ambassador for Wallis' petite clothing collection.
A research vineyard block planted to compare characteristics of traditional California Petite Sirah clones is in its second growing season at the University of California, Davis.
Enter today's competition and you could win a pounds 250 package, which includes clothes worth pounds 100 from the Precis Petite collection and pounds 75 to spend on Moda in Pele shoes, both from Peters in Huddersfield.