petit mal

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 [mal] (Fr. and Sp.)
mal de Meleda symmetrical keratosis of the palms and soles associated with a dry, scaly thickening of the wrists and ankles.
mal de mer seasickness.
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pe·tit mal sei·zure

obsolescent term for a cerebral seizure not manifested by tonic-clonic movements (that is, grand mal); formerly thought to be the clinical manifestation solely of a 3-second spike in wave pattern, as seen on electroencephalography, but now known to be associated with several different EEG patterns.
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petit mal

Absence Neurology A spell characterized by lapse of attention and awareness, with loss of recall, without convulsions or loss consciousness. Cf Grand mal seizure; psychomotor epilepsy.
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pe·tit mal

(pĕ-tē' mahl)
Type of seizure; often associated with an instance of fixed gaze (i.e., staring), typically lasting only a few seconds.
[Fr. small illness]
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petit mal

A minor form of EPILEPSY. Petit mal attacks are almost entirely confined to children and adolescents. There is a momentary unappreciated loss of awareness and social contact but the child does not fall and may even continue automatically with some activity, such as cycling. Attacks may be very frequent and may severely interfere with education. Petit mal can be controlled with anticonvulsant drugs.
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Reeves, 22, is graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in anthropology despite battling a form of epilepsy causing petit mal seizures that can make concentration difficult.
The test compound has given higher protection rate against pentylenetetrazol seizure than MES, which shows that the test compound is probably more useful in the absence (petit mal) seizures than generalized tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizure and may resemble sodium valproate in its action.
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Hosford hopes that such research lead to a more tailored therapy designed to attack the mechanism of petit mal and perhaps treat the seizures without producing some of the more unfortunate side effects" caused by current drugs.
Generalized seizures range from simple staring spells-called absence or petit mal seizures-to convulsions with jerking motions of the body and limbs--called tonic-clonic or grand mal seizures--to anything in between.
These terse prounouncements alternate with sudden spasms of imagery that grip the author like fits of petit mal: "It will be good fun to .
But she may have a completely different kind of epilepsy, called petit mal, where there is no real loss of consciousness but simply a dreamlike state, lasting between five and 30 seconds during which she is out of touch with her surroundings and cannot be roused.
Call 01874 611622 5 Petit Mal Break-dancing and hip-hop fuse with Chinese pole, trampolines and aerial feats as Finnish trio Petri, Rauli and Kalle bring their wild physicality to this daring performance.
Physicians who suspect a child is experiencing absence seizures--formerly known as petit mal epilepsy--should first rule out other conditions, said Dr.
Your doctor will want to rule out a condition called petit mal. This is a minor form of epilepsy.