petechial hemorrhage

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the escape of blood from a ruptured vessel; it can be either external or internal. Blood from an artery is bright red in color and comes in spurts; that from a vein is dark red and comes in a steady flow. Aside from the obvious flow of blood from a wound or body orifice, massive hemorrhage can be detected by other signs, such as restlessness, cold and clammy skin, thirst, increased and thready pulse, rapid and shallow respirations, and a drop in blood pressure. If the hemorrhage continues unchecked, the patient may complain of visual disturbances, ringing in the ears, or extreme weakness.
capillary hemorrhage oozing of blood from minute vessels.
cerebral hemorrhage a hemorrhage into the cerebrum; one of the three main causes of cerebral vascular accident (stroke syndrome).
concealed hemorrhage internal hemorrhage.
fibrinolytic hemorrhage that due to abnormalities of fibrinolysis and not hypofibrinogenemia.
internal hemorrhage that in which the extravasated blood remains within the body.
intracranial hemorrhage bleeding within the cranium, which may be extradural, subdural, subarachnoid, or cerebral.
petechial hemorrhage subcutaneous hemorrhage occurring in minute spots.
postpartum hemorrhage that which follows soon after labor.
primary hemorrhage that which soon follows an injury.
secondary hemorrhage that which follows an injury after a considerable lapse of time.
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pe·te·chi·al hem·or·rhage

capillary hemorrhage into the skin that forms petechiae.
Synonym(s): punctate hemorrhage
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pe·te·chi·al hem·or·rhage

(pĕ-tē'kē-ăl hem'ŏr-ăj)
Capillary hemorrhage into the skin that forms petechiae.
Synonym(s): punctate hemorrhage.
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A second model also including CT characteristics (petechial hemorrhages, hematomas (epidural, subdural, and subarachnoid), obliteration of the third ventricle and basal cisterna, and midline shift) is also available.
Computed tomography imaging of the brain, an initial modality used because of neurologic impairment, may show no abnormalities, or it may show diffuse white matter petechial hemorrhages, consistent with microvascular damage.
Petechial hemorrhages over internal body organs were present in 88 (87.12%) cases.
DISCUSSION: The body of the deceased showed copious secretions at mouth angles & nostrils, petechial hemorrhages on the sclera of eye balls, acral cyanosis, congested internal organs and dilated right side of the heart These were asphyxiai signs.
The most common symptom was pallor in 170 (82.92%) cases and fever in 135 (62.85%) other symptoms included bruises epistaxis malena petechial hemorrhages hematuria and joint pains.
(17) Postmortem findings of falcons with viscerotropic velogenic ND infection, and in which radiographs revealed a distended ventriculus and inflamed ventricular wall, revealed moderate to severe petechial hemorrhages mainly on the isthmus of the proventriculus and across the ventriculus.
While being investigated she developed a sepsis like picture with fever, petechial hemorrhages and hepatosplenomegaly.
Common clinical presentations were fever, pallor, body aches, petechial hemorrhages and epistaxis.Conclusion: Pancytopenia is one of the importance occurrences in pediatric patients.
On physical examination, the patient was appropriately alert and oriented, and no abnormality was detected except for mucosal petechial hemorrhages and ecchymosis.
The necropsy revealed abomasal congestion, petechial hemorrhages and mucosal suffusions.
Various pathogenic mechanisms such as ischemia due to hypoxia, petechial hemorrhages, or CO itself have been accused for the changes found in the peripheral nerve (6).