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A tendency to see or anticipate the worst.
[L. pessimus, worst, irreg. superl. of malus, bad]


Etymology: L, pessimus, worst
the inclination to anticipate the worst possible results from any action or situation or to emphasize unfavorable conditions, even when progress or gain might reasonably be expected. pessimist, n.


A frame of mind marked by loss of hope, confidence, or trust in a good outcome, even when such an outcome is likely. See: optimism

therapeutic pessimism

Nihilism (1).
References in classic literature ?
Those who profess to find pessimism in the Chinese character must leave him alone.
The exaggerated pessimism in this part of his outcry is explained by his own statement, that he lived in a transition time, when the old faith was (as he held) dead, and the new one (partly realized in our own generation) as yet 'powerless to be born.
All her life she had never believed in her luck, with that pessimism of the passionate who at bottom feel themselves to be the outcasts of a morally restrained universe.