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A tendency to see or anticipate the worst.
[L. pessimus, worst, irreg. superl. of malus, bad]


Etymology: L, pessimus, worst
the inclination to anticipate the worst possible results from any action or situation or to emphasize unfavorable conditions, even when progress or gain might reasonably be expected. pessimist, n.


A frame of mind marked by loss of hope, confidence, or trust in a good outcome, even when such an outcome is likely. See: optimism

therapeutic pessimism

Nihilism (1).
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Their report, Optimistic Theory about the Pessimism of the Transition, points out that Bulgarians, even young people, measure their sense of relative wellbeing from 1989, rather than the economic crisis of 1997.
Nietzsche, though Dienstag considers him an existential pessimist, gets a separate chapter of his own because his particular brand of 'Dionysian pessimism' is 'maximally valuable and persuasive' (162) in emphasizing that pessimism need not lead to resignation, but instead can inspire 'spirited activity' (166) and a defiant embrace of life--a position that Cervantes' Don Quixote models for us, as Dienstag argues in Chapter 6.
Goya's exquisite pessimism, brought on by debilitating illness, guided his exploration of the fundamental mystery of human behavior.
Plainly it can be seen that Hamlet's speech derives from someone who has read both sides of the debate, abstracted quintessential elements from each, and starkly juxtaposed one against the other in an alternating litany of pessimism.
Based on neither optimism nor pessimism, but rather on enlightened realism, American policymakers and businessmen should stick to a steady course of engagement with China.
While the study is an "impressive demonstration of a relationship between pessimism and poor health in middle age," it remains unclear how explanatory style affects physical well-being, Peterson acknowledges.
It would seem, however, that this pessimism was ill placed, as MMM has rallied more than 3.
The Bank of England has warned banks in the country against over pessimism.
Yet, as I suggested earlier, In Praise of Commercial Culture presents an incomplete case against contemporary variants of cultural pessimism, which are generally less concerned with the quantity of cultural offerings than with issues of its "quality" (only the most reality-challenged critics - who do exist, I might add - argue that there is actually less stuff out there to choose from).
He views More as proposing a social ideal, an exemplum, which he constantly subverts by his skepticism and his pessimism about human nature which he deems "irremediably imperfect.
While it is true that pessimism appears to be building on the analyst and options fronts, I would like to see quite a bit more bearish sentiment levied against CVX.
With the availability of the statistical timing analysis methodology, Quartz SSTA and TSMC's world-leading foundry processes, designers can now eliminate pessimism.