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 [pes] (pl. pe´des) (L.)
1. foot.
2. any footlike part.
pes abduc´tus talipes valgus.
pes adduc´tus talipes varus.
pes ca´vus talipes cavus.
pes hippocam´pi a formation of two or three elevations on the ventricular surface of the hippocampus.
pes pla´nus (pes val´gus) flatfoot.
pes va´rus talipes varus.


, gen.


, pl.


(pes, pē'dis, -dēz),
1. Synonym(s): foot (1)
2. Any footlike or basal structure or part.
3. Talipes. In this sense, pes is always qualified by a word expressing the specific type.


(pes) pl. pe´des   [L.]
1. foot.
2. any footlike part.


n. pl. pedes (pĕd′ās′)
A foot or footlike part, especially the foot of a four-footed vertebrate.


[pēz, pās] pl. pedes
Etymology: L, foot
the foot or a footlike structure.


, pl. pedes (pes, pē'dēz) [TA]
1. Synonym(s): foot (1) .
2. Any footlike or basal structure or part.
3. Talipes; in this sense, pes is always qualified by a word expressing the specific type.


(pes, pez) (pe'dez) plural.pedes [L.]
The foot or a footlike structure.

pes abductus

Talipes valgus.

pes adductus

Talipes varus.
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pes anserinus

1. The network of branches of the facial nerve as it passes through the parotid gland
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2. The combined tendinous expansions of the sartorius, gracilis, and semitendinosus muscles at the medial border of the tibial tuberosity. See: illustration

pes cavus

Talipes arcuatus.

pes contortus

Talipes equinovarus.

pes equinovalgus

A condition in which the heel is elevated and turned laterally.

pes equinovarus

A condition in which the heel is turned inward and the foot is plantar flexed.

pes equinus

A deformity marked by walking without touching the heel to the ground. Synonym: talipes equinus

pes gigas


pes hippocampi

The lower portion of the hippocampus major.

infraorbital pes

Terminal radiating branches of the infraorbital nerve after exit from the infraorbital canal.

pes planus


pes valgus

Talipes valgus.

pes varus

Talipes varus.




pl. pedes [L.] foot; the terminal organ of the lower limb; any footlike part; the tarsus, metatarsus and digits (the phalanges and sesamoid bones). See also dipes.
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