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Abnormal, deviant, or disordered.
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'Was it because the EFCC lost the judgment at appeal that they claimed that justice was perverted? 'Orbih queried
A YouTube video showed Burrell lecturing Love and Liberty Fellowship Church attendees about 'perverted homosexual' activities, which swiftly angered the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community.
The retired all-rounder was said to have perverted the course of justice by inducing fellow cricketer Lou Vincent to provide a false witness statement during a Skype call.
Members of the vigilante group Perverted Justice pose as minors in Internet chat rooms and attempt to lure men into meeting them for sex.
The charge says they perverted the course of justice, by concealing the true details of how Ryan was injured.
And when she learned of his perverted past she threw him out of their flat in Dundee.