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The heating of a liquid within a dialyzing bag suspended over a hot plate, evaporation taking place rapidly through the membrane; any colloids in solution remain within the bag while crystalloids diffuse out and crystallize on the outer surface of the bag (perstillation).
[L. per, through, + vapor, steam]
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Pervaporation and perstraction can separate flavor compounds from aqueous-organic solutions, such as a fermentation broth or fruit extracts.
Germany, developed the first commercial pervaporation membrane for the dehydration of alcohol solutions.
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On one front, recovering aromas for fruit juices using pervaporation technology has proven to be an interesting technique.
Pervaporation membranes are being synthesized as a composite membrane with the top layer being an organosilicone derivative.
Bioethanol (almost absent in the last edition) is covered in the pervaporation chapter.
Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) is a rubbery polymer which is used in gas separation and pervaporation.
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25 Pervaporation Performance of Methyl Tert Buthyl Ether/Methanol Mixtures through Natural Rubber/Polystyrene Interpenetrating Polymer Network Membranes
Chitosan has been widely investigated for several decades in applications such as controlled drug release, biosensors, biological engineering, catalysts, pervaporation, packaging materials, and membrane separation [8, 11, 12], However, the mechanical properties of pure chitosan are not good enough to meet the criteria for these applications.
Developments in nanofiltration, gas separations, pervaporation, and bipolar membrane electrodialysis have widened the applicability of membranes, and have thus encouraged more attention.