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In physical therapy, an external force applied to a person's center of mass in an attempt to move it from the base of support


(pĕr″tĕr-bā′shŭn) [L. perturbare, thoroughly disordered]
1. The state of being greatly disturbed or agitated; uneasiness of mind.
2. A disturbance or a change in a structure or function, usually as a result of an external influence.
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The tuning mechanism involved here can be explained by the perturbational principle.[6] Namely, when a metal wall of any resonant cavity is moved inward, the change in resonant frequency is proportional to the difference in stored magnetic and electric energies with the displaced volume.
For example Hubbard, Bentley, Pasturel, and Isaacs (1987) monitored a large number of sensors of environmental variables that could mimic perturbational effects in an extremely isolated piezoelectric strain gauge.
We note that, since GUP comes from quantum gravity effects via a perturbational scheme, it is natural to think that the GUP parameter is a very small parameter.

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