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In physical therapy, an external force applied to a person's center of mass in an attempt to move it from the base of support
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(pĕr″tĕr-bā′shŭn) [L. perturbare, thoroughly disordered]
1. The state of being greatly disturbed or agitated; uneasiness of mind.
2. A disturbance or a change in a structure or function, usually as a result of an external influence.
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This could be a sign to the absence of the perturbation effects and the influence of E is absent.
it is therefore critical to obtain a suitable level of perturbation that is non-intrusive to the system, sustainable and parsimonious in its energy consumption.
The second category looks at the effects of perturbation training on the ability of older people to resist a simulated slip or trip in the laboratory (Grabiner et al., 2012; Parijat & Lockhart, 2012; Bhatt, Yang & Pai, 2012).
The information about the perturbation was retrieved through "PertInfo" service of the LINCS API.
Secondly, we investigated the overall repeatability of our control simulation by generating two separate ensembles: (1) random initial condition perturbations and (2) continuous randomized perturbations.
The result in (3) coincides with the well-known orthogonality condition between two propagating modes in the coupled mode theory (CMT) [2, 9] and constitutes the basis function form for the perturbation expansions [7].
In the action of uneven underlying surface of Chinese mainland, small-scale perturbation with wavelength less than 100 km appeared at SLP field and 850 hPa geopotential height field around observed TC center.
Perturbation in density which specifies the entropy mode is followed by the isobaric perturbation in temperature which in turn forms the new background of the magnetoacoustic waves.
Besides, the SINs backbone GEO satellites are subjected to various satellite perturbation forces (e.g., Earth oblateness perturbation, third-body gravitational perturbation, atmospheric perturbation, and solar perturbation), which leads to position drift and result in the beam center of the ground station antenna unfocused [33].
On the other hand, the research of BH perturbation has always been an important issue in BH physics.

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