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Etymology: L, per + tubare, to disturb
a cause or a condition of disturbance, disorder, or confusion.


In physical therapy, an external force applied to a person's center of mass in an attempt to move it from the base of support


(pĕr″tĕr-bā′shŭn) [L. perturbare, thoroughly disordered]
1. The state of being greatly disturbed or agitated; uneasiness of mind.
2. A disturbance or a change in a structure or function, usually as a result of an external influence.


n a small disturbance that tips a metastable system over into disorder and chaos.
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Le ministre et les organisateurs "ont decide ensemble de ne pas se plier a ce chantage et a cette perturbation, qu'ils rejettent, et ont tenu a poursuivre le cours inaugural".
Perturbation testing was conducted while the subject performed neutral bipedal standing (Figure 2) with each foot on a force platform (OR6-6-1000, Advanced Mechanical Technology, Inc; Watertown, Massachusetts).
Participants were randomly allocated to a perturbation based balance training group using a motion platform or a control group undergoing flexibility and relaxation training.
As per details, protestors said routine incidents of target killing and felonious acts of extortions have been a continuous source of perturbation.
Some extinctions you cannot prevent, but most are caused by this speedy perturbation wave sweeping the network," Motter says.
It is also offering a model for the response analysis of the electro valve of the pneumatic switch in the case of a perturbation similar to one that may occur in real use.
In this paper the phenomenon of longitudinal dispersion in the flow of two miscible fluid through porous media with singular perturbation method has been discussed.
The vision is based on the development of a suite of high-throughput assays to assess chemical-induced perturbation of biological signaling pathways or "toxicity pathways" (TPs) to predict risk to human health.
In [16] a class of hyperchoatic systems has been solved by the multistage homotopy perturbation method.
Here we focus on the strategy to control transport properties without significantly altering neither the original structure of the system under investigation nor its overall chaotic structure which is based on building barriers by adding a small perturbation which is localized in phase space, hence confining all the trajectories.
Mneimneh assured March 14 audience that LF head Samir Geagea is still one of the movement's important allies, and his stances cannot at all cause PM Hariri any perturbation.