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Relevant; clinically meaningful.

pertinent negative

An element of the patient's history that aids diagnosis because the patient denies that it is present.

pertinent positive

An element of a patient's history that aids diagnosis because the patient affirms that it is present.
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It is pertinent to mention NeighAbourhood Club had survived a scare at the hands of newly raised Omegas Club in their first clash.
Proper census recording not only realizes the agency's aim of delivering "better data, better lives," but more so in helping make sure that the distribution of resources and services are equitably given; based on collated pertinent data resulting in sound governmental policies.
Rabat - The fight against terrorism led by the Moroccan government is "clear, direct and strong," US ambassador in Rabat, Samuel Kaplan said, noting that Morocco's actions in this area are pertinent. A A A In an interview on Wednesday by TV channel "Al-Hurra", Kaplan expressed his country's admiration for operations conducted by Morocco to fight terrorism and its leadership in this field.
The message stresses that the consensus around the choice of the theme of AWO Congress, to be held next October in Tunis on "Women: Essential Partners in Sustainable Development Process," reflects the country's pertinent approach to development, in light of the international changes women are living through.
The psychologist examines the concept of addiction being treated as a disease, and asks some pertinent questions.
However, if the taxpayer omits pertinent information or commits fraud, the Service can, essentially, void the decision.
If the film, such as The Lord of the Rings, is based on a book, it may be pertinent to understand the popularity of that book.
* Move quickly to inventory, categorize, and review all intercompany service arrangements, identifying pertinent corporate objectives and using an evaluation template.
* Homepage information is grouped strangely: it's pertinent and timely, but the Chief Academic Officer search link is right above the link for inclement weather closing information.--KS
Twenty-six scholars contribute pertinent material from their fields of expertise.
Fortunately, some personnel had gained pertinent knowledge.
The new online check-in process allows guests to fill out all pertinent cruise documents before arriving at the pier.