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Personnel department Hospital administration The department responsible for employees, their grievances, benefits, and other work-related issues Vox populi People employed by a particular enterprise. See Allied health personnel.


n the persons employed in an enterprise. In dentistry, it refers to the staff employed.
personnel monitoring,
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Procedures such as these empower personnel to make decisions at the lowest level, to resolve disputes fairly and more quickly, and to husband and preserve resources.
It explains too the reluctance of the Personnel of the Church to confront, discipline or remove "one of their own" and their recourse to secrecy and cover-up to protect the reputation of the institutional Church and its Personnel.
The IRS exam personnel and IRS counsel approve the LMSB PFA agreement.
Even] RMC was underestimated by 40 percent of enlisted personnel and 20 percent of officers.
Personnel needs and accompanying costs must be studied in relation to the external environment.
Research and demonstration efforts to date have provided initial direction for personnel preparation and training.
Video Analytics Trigger: This addition provides the ability for an alarm to be sent when a specific "behavior" is detected on the screen based on a predefined setting or behavior, prompting operations center personnel to take action.
From the 170 positions, 135 are slated to realign from Air Force Materiel Command's four Interim Personnel Centers.
The deployment was a true team effort with personnel manning offices at the port from the Belgian Army, 21st Theater Support Command, Military Sealift Command, V Corps, the 623rd Movement Control Team, and liaison officers from all units.
The JPRSC, which is part of the EDAs Personnel Recovery Controller and Planner Course (PRCPC) Cat B project, was successfully conducted from 27 Marsh to 7 April 17 in Karlsborg, Sweden.
ISLAMABAD -- A total of 5965 law enforcement personnel and civilians lost their lives in 6104 incidents of terrorism from Jan.
Since approximately 80,000 executive branch personnel from nearly 50 federal agencies make up the U.

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