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1. A living human.
2. The composite of characteristics that make up an individual personality; the self.
3. The living body of a human.
4. Physique and general appearance.

Patient discussion about person

Q. Do you personally know anyone that's autistic? Right, I agree 1 in 150 is diagnosed with autism. Do you personally know anyone that's autistic?

A. Yes as per the latest statistics in U.S it is 1 out of 150 of kids born has autism. I know 5 kids, all friends of family; all moms were on fertility drugs to get pg. Very sad. Two of the kids are twins and besides being autistic they have cerebral palsy.

Q. Alcoholism becomes a habit in person? How does alcoholism becomes a habit in person?

A. If you think about alcohol all the time and you need it to feel good then it's a problem. If it's just a rare but pleasant action then there is no big disaster.
It may be a problem if the alcohol being the cause of depending (physical or corporial it is not just the same!)

Q. How can persons with autism learn best? The person with autism can’t concentrate on studies? How can persons with autism learn best?

A. Where have you read such a misguiding message? No one can say that the person with autism can’t concentrate on studies. They can be trained through specially-trained teachers, using specially structured programs that emphasize individual instruction; persons with autism can learn to function at home and in the community. Some can lead nearly normal lives.

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Personally Delivered, Inc., a leading expert in-home delivery of incontinence, skin care, ostomy, urological, and related supplies, is launching its new, competitively-superior line of Personally Delivered(TM) Premium-Plus Pull-On Protective Underwear in both Daytime and Overnight styles.
Earlier the government said that Rao would also visit newly-elected Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy to personally invite for the function.
Olanipekun further said his presence in court alongside others who came in defence of Onnoghen was to protest against the jurisdiction of the tribunal, as he also emphasised the fact that the CJN was not served with the charges and summons personally but through his aide.
Hold Members of Congress personally liable by pay for awards and settlements stemming from acts of harassment and related retaliation they personally commit, including Members who leave office.
The police chief directed the DPOs to personally supervise and monitor various IT-based initiatives of the department including identity verification system (IVS), criminal record verification system (CRVS) and vehicle verification system (VVS) as the said IT tools were effective in apprehending suspicious persons, criminals, proclaimed offenders, suspected and stolen vehicles etc.
In her four-page manifestation with motion, de Lima said while it is true that the 1987 Constitution prohibits members of Congress to personally appear before any court of justice, among others, such prohibition only applies when he or she does so as counsel.
In a statement, the GSIS said the policy pertains to their program dubbed annual pensioners information revalidation that requires old-age and survivorship pensioners to personally appear at any offices of the agency or the agency's wireless automated processing system kiosk.
Directing the Police Officers regarding the arrest of hardened and desperate A category Proclaimed offenders, he said that RPOs should personally monitor this campaign and a weekly verified report be sent to AIG monitoring by RPOs.
The majority of smartphones used in the workplace are personally owned devices - only 23% of employees surveyed are given corporate-issued smartphones.
The French actress, who is expecting her second child with partner Guillaume Canet, had firmly denied the rumours and told the Today Show this week that she doesn't take such speculation "personally".
Though I never had the honor of personally meeting Mr.
(1) Identify the personally identifiable data elements that need to be protected, such as student's social security number, date of birth, or mother's maiden name.