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per·son·al·i·ty in·ven·tor·y

a psychological test for evaluation of habitual modes of behavior, thinking, and feeling based on the comparable characteristics of people in one's peer group.
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Convergence among three personality inventories measuring the Big Five.
Construct validity of two personality inventories based on the Five Factor Model.
Across 11 personality inventories used in personnel selection in the USA, Hough (1998) reported negligible ethnic group differences for most of the personality variables she examined.
The personality inventories used were the British versions of the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), the Business Personality Indicator (BPI), and the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ).
Different personality inventories, and even scales within the same instrument, do not have the same variability and scoring.
We first present the results for gender differences on the three personality inventories examined and then turn our attention to ethnic group differences.
Tables 4, 5, and 6 present ethnic group differences on the three personality inventories investigated.
The magnitude of mean differences reported here for the three personality inventories are quite similar to the results for gender differences on personality measures reported by Hough and colleagues (Hough, 1998; Hough, Oswald, & Ployhart, 2001) in the USA.
The somewhat higher effect sizes we found for ethnic groups differences here, compared with those reported by Hough (1998), may underscore the fact that the three personality inventories examined have probably not based item selection (in OPQ and BPI's cases) and modification/adaptation (in HPI's case) on a criterion of subgroup differences.
Future research should continue to examine the similarity of score variabilities of demographic groups for personality inventories both in the UK and the USA as well as other countries.
We also wish to thank Psychological Consultancy Limited, SHL plc, and ASE for granting permission to use the personality inventories in this study, and particularly Gillian Hyde at PCL for her assistance in scoring and interpretation of the HPI.
There has been much recent debate about the degree to which 'impression management' or 'faking good' affects scores on personality inventories (e.

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