personality inventory

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per·son·al·i·ty in·ven·tor·y

a psychological test for evaluation of habitual modes of behavior, thinking, and feeling based on the comparable characteristics of people in one's peer group.
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An analysis of the cross-cultural equivalence of some frequently used personality inventories.
Today, the use of personality inventories for personnel selection is receiving increasingly positive attention.
Bauman and Kropf noted that the list of personality inventories and procedures reported in use in their most recent study had changed little from a previous study of over a decade earlier (Bauman, 1967).
Pearson Assessments publishes and distributes the entire line of Millon personality inventories.
Part II presents information on the most widely used self-report personality inventories, and Part III presents information on what have traditionally been called "projective," or performance-based, measures.
Through a question and answer session, users first complete Jungian personality inventories on themselves and any other participant in the negotiation.

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