personalistic approach

personalistic approach (perˑ·s·lisˈ·tik ·prōchˑ),

n a medical philosophy that holds that illness occurs as a result of dysfunction in intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships.
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He covers regime ideology and postcommunism, a decade of ideological divergence: Russia and Central and Eastern Europe during the 1990s, building regime ideology in Putin's Russia: a personalistic approach, and building regime ideology in post-Deng China: striving for institutionalization.
But his human rights record (the evidence for the Davao Death Squad is chilling), his personalistic approach to policy (that jet ski fantasy of his will put the commander in chief's life at great risk without doing a thing to protect our rights to the West Philippine Sea), and his patronizing, utilitarian attitude toward women (symbolized by his crass comment about wanting to have sex with the dead victim of a truly brutal gang rape) do not recommend him for the role of head of state.
Wojtyla, as a thinker operating between the Thomistic metaphysical tradition and the phenomenological personalistic approach, is fully aware of that complexity.
Wojtyfa favors a more personalistic approach, and so he presents a phenomenological account of willing focused on the person's lived experience of deciding and choosing, which define the essence of volition.
John Paul II's philosophy of the acting person; a personalistic approach to life.
Opinions likely will differ over Janeway's many biographical vignettes and his personalistic approach to this historical period.
The 1970's brought a revisitation of 'values" but under a personalistic approach called "Values Clarification.