personal trainer

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per·son·al train·er

(pĕr'sŏn-ăl trā'nĕr)
A person who is certified in developing fitness programs for all people without regard to age or level of performance.
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We designed FitStar Personal Trainer to inspire people to live healthier lives," said Dave Grijalva, Co-founder, FitStar.
I often see personal trainers spending more time chatting than talking about techniques and strategies.
Personal trainers should ensure that members get the results they are looking for whether it is weight loss, building strength, training for a specific sport event, or rehabilitation, said Flooks.
Joya Ferniene, a personal trainer at Atlantis who is also a certified nutritionist, says that instead of people striving for perfect bodies, she would like to see people adopt healthy lifestyle habits, such as walking and bicycling to work -- though she acknowledges that this is nearly impossible with Lebanon's torn-up streets and largely unregulated traffic.
The president and CEO of the Bank of Fayetteville, Mary Beth Brooks, has tried exercising with a personal trainer, in intensive boot camp groups and in fitness classes.
A personal trainer may cost you anywhere between `500 to 1500 per hour depending upon his experience and your requirements.
As a qualified and insured UK personal trainer with at least 12 months'' experience, you can promote your services by joining the National Register of Personal Trainers.
Mr Gill, who served in the forces for 20 years and is a qualified personal trainer and sports massage therapist, has now moved into an additional building next to his current site on Osborne Road, which has doubled the size of his business.
SKILLS AND INTERESTS To be a personal trainer you should: be energetic, physically fit and have stamina; be determined and enthusiastic; have good communication skills; be able to motivate others; be aware of the risks to individuals in exercising; have a friendly and professional manner; have up-to-date knowledge of exercise equipment; be able to maintain a positive and sympathetic approach; be able to promote exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle be committed to your own professional development have good organisational skills.
Self-employed personal trainers can earn pounds 25 to pounds 50 per hour.
THE Saturdays will be the fittest girl group on the celeb circuit if personal trainer Matt Roberts has anything to do with it.
Health and Exercise Prescriptions has added personal trainer Brian Hargrove to its team.

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