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n the rightful ownership; the exclusive right to a thing.
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Answer: The ISO CP 00 10 Building and Personal Property Coverage form contains a coverage extension for personal property of others that is in the insured's care, custody, or control.
Tijam's real properties were worth P4 million while his personal property was worth P11.
Each item of personal property will be valued in order to reflect the age of the item as of January 1 prior to the fiscal year.
Still under discussion is the possibility of an amnesty for businesses that haven't paid the personal property tax in the past - structured properly, an amnesty program could increase the number of current taxpayers without punishing businesses for failing to pay a tax they may not have known they owed.
With respect to the collection of personal property tax levies, Exhibit 4 shows that a gap remains, despite a decrease in amount of personal property tax levied.
Prescott, principal assessor in Leicester, said that last year, the Walmart Superstore there paid taxes on a personal property assessment of $8 million.
The primary focus of the workshop was discussion and presentation of the Defense Personal Property System, according to Mae Ohori, director for the SDDC Personal Property Office-Pacific.
For purposes of licensing personal property warehouses in the state of Illinois, the buildings are classified under the new regulations into six numerical classifications based on size.
Personal property is basically everything else--the possessions you bring into the structure or take with you when you vacate.
If your debt is secured over personal property rather than land then you should search, protect your interests by registration and use the PPSR.
Tangible personal property consumed in manufacturing that does not become an ingredient or component part of the manufactured item
This is a reasonable request and can be easily addressed by commercial real estate appraisers with a simple statement in an appraisal report that the appraised value is for a going-concern real estate enterprise (if this is the appraiser's opinion) and thus includes the value of real estate, the value of various intangible assets, and possibly the value of personal property when the overall property requires personal property in order to fulfill its function.

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