personal item

personal item

In health care, any object designed for use by a single consumer, e.g., bars of soap, cosmetics, shaving razors, toothbrushes, or towels.

Patient care

These items may be colonized by microorganisms, such as antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Safeguarding them so that they are used by only one individual, or carefully cleaned or discarded after use can prevent the spread of health care associated infections.

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Canadian carrier WestJet said it it is updating the number of carry-on pieces guests are permitted to bring on board to one from two, plus one personal item, effective April 4, 2013.
Laptops in a thin satchel or slimline briefcase will be considered a personal item but those in a larger computer bag or bulkier briefcase will be counted as a piece of cabin baggage.
One carry-on bag, one onboard personal item allowed
ATLANTA -- Delta Air Lines today reminded its passengers that Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) security regulations allow only one carry-on bag (and a personal item, as specified below) to be allowed through airport security checkpoints and carried aboard aircraft.
Each one of the godchildren - who are aged from 16 to two - will be able to choose a personal item which belonged to the Princess.
POLICE are appealing for help from the public to trace a treasured personal item which was stolen during a burglary.
We are also planning on asking for a 'wish list' from each of the kids containing a school item, fun item and personal item that they would like to have.
Sick thieves also made off with laptops, radios, mobile -work and personal items in the 31 incidents reported in Sick thieves also made off with laptops, radios, mobile phones, response kits, paperwork and personal items in the 31 incidents reported in the last three years.
Emergency services sprung into action after receiving reports personal items had been left on a pier in the Brompton Road area of Bangor, Co Down.
com)-- Fairfield Harbour, a residential boating and golf community located 15 minutes from historic New Bern, has announced that it will partner with the New Bern Women's Club to collect purses and personal items for area women who are victims of domestic violence.
Then, four days later, he struck again at Merz Court, stealing a rucksack containing a laptop and personal items, and at Northumbria University, stealing a handbag, mobile phone and more personal items.
Summary: Thieves mugged three people in two separate incidents in Blbek Friday, robbing them of cash and personal items.

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