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The Affordable Care Act eliminated the medical underwriting obstacle in January 2014, by banning use of personal health status information in the health insurance sales process.
Rules that require insurers to sell coverage without use of information about personal health status other than age and location.
Dear Friends and Colleagues, As we approach the half way mark for 2014 it's a great time to reflect on our own personal health status as natural medicine practitioners.
A confidential, online health questionnaire providing participants with a personal health status report and employers with an aggregated report of staff health issues
The Deloitte survey found several contradictions in consumers' perceptions, attitudes and behaviors about their health care decisions and personal health status.
As the Nursing Council states, the RN "reports to an appropriate person or authority, any limitations in professional expertise or personal health status or circumstances that could jeopardise patient/client safety".
Everyone can change their personal health status and our health landscape dramatically.
By incorporating effective medical "do's and don'ts," We can strongly influence our personal health status, help reduce disparities in the larger community and create a firm frontline of resistance to disease.
Note their efforts to both maintain their personal health status as well as make a difference within the camp community.
Explain the connections between the contents of their seabag and their personal health status as it relates to the 6 dimensions of health, particularly spiritual health.
Their paper is based on an investigation into the relationship between personal health status and economic status, using unit records of the Household Economic Survey, and delves into some of the processing issues that the analysis is addressing.
Together, we strive to become the leading integrated health service organization dedicated to promoting members' personal health status through improved communication, health maintenance, and coordinated delivery of care system.
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