personal digital assistant

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one who aids or helps another; an auxiliary.
dental assistant see dental assistant.
first assistant a physician, physician's assistant, nurse practitioner, surgical technologist, or specially trained registered professional nurse who directly assists the surgeon by handling tissue, providing exposure, using surgical instruments and equipment, suturing, and providing hemostasis.
occupational therapy assistant see occupational therapy assistant.
personal digital assistant (PDA) a small computer used to organize and easily access information; for example, clinical guidelines can be downloaded to this device.
physician assistant see physician assistant.
second assistant an individual who assists the surgeon or first assistant during an operative procedure by carrying out technical tasks such as holding retractors; this individual does not cut, clamp, or suture tissue. This role may be performed at the same time as the scrub role.
surgeon assistant (SA) see surgeon assistant.

personal digital assistant (PDA)

a small computer used to organize and easily access information, such as clinical guidelines.

per·son·al dig·i·tal as·sis·tant

(PDA) (pĕr'sŏn-ăl dij'i-tal ā-sis'tănt)
A palmtop computer that connects to the Internet.

personal digital assistant



A handheld or pocket-sized computer used to store information or communicate with others.
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Built on the HP iPAQ Pocket PC h4150 platform, Maestro is the most affordable and compact personal digital assistant available to the visually impaired.
Students can download Study Studio to their Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and gain instant access to course related quizzes, key terms and flashcards.
The "distress" signal is sent wirelessly via Bluetooth, a short-range, low-power radio technology that makes communication possible between personal digital assistants, laptop computers, printers and mobile phones -- and now, for the first time, the heart rate device joins this list.
A growing number of carriers are using global-positioning systems, personal digital assistants and other wireless devices to handle daily tasks.
Personal digital assistants offer enormous convenience and flexibility to nursing homes in the general area of record keeping.
GDT) and RESPONSE Services Center, LLC have announced a business alliance to support delivery of telematics services to virtually any device that can communicate data and provide location, including smart phones, wireless personal digital assistants and vehicle- installed telematics units.

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