personal computer

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personal computer (PC)

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The personal computer is becoming a communications device--just as a global multimedia network, the Internet, is evolving to receive it.
When he isn't taking gratuitous swipes at Gates, Stephens takes aim at others who figured prominently in the creation of the personal computer industry.
At Sun, McNealy went so far as to ban one or two popular personal computer programs earlier this year.
Digital Equipment Corporation is the world's leader in open client/server solutions from personal computers to integrated worldwide information systems.
Additionally, Lenovo will partner with the league's global community initiative NBA Cares, to donate personal computers and make them available in underserved communities.
The company says - and industry analysts agree - that much of the history of the personal computer industry since then has been competitors' attempts to catch up.
With the help of ASP, ESC, and STAR, we have been able to contact thousands of personal computer software developers and publishers about this important issue.
This quarter's Quality Report focuses on customers' perceived quality of the goods and services provided in manufacturing durables (autos, personal computers, major appliances, electronics) and e-business.
Chart (1-2--Color) Computer leaders Compaq continued to lead the nation and world in personal computer sales in 1995.
May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Continuing its strong momentum in the Japanese personal computer market, Apple Computer, Inc.
April 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Corsair Microsystems today formally announced their entry into the personal computer market as a supplier of high performance cache memory subsystems.

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