personal computer

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personal computer (PC)

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Those expenses will continue to decline as new features and functions are added to personal computers, and they become lighter, more portable, more communicative, and more capacious for storing digital data.
Stephens does a reasonable job, however, of explaining personal computer technology, describing its origins, and placing it in context.
To personal computer zealots, McNealy's comments are heresy, an authoritarian throwback to the bygone era of the mainframe, the high tide of centralized control in computing.
Lenovo (HKSE:0992) (ADR:LNVGY) is dedicated to building the world's best engineered personal computers.
It unveils Apple II, the first personal computer to generate color graphics.
Chart (1-2--Color) Computer leaders Compaq continued to lead the nation and world in personal computer sales in 1995.
Soundcast Systems, a leading provider of revolutionary wireless audio transmission systems, today released two breakthrough products - iCast(TM) and AudioCast(TM) - designed to offer the highest-quality wireless transmission from digital music players or personal computers to home stereo systems.
The four main categories of desktop computers from which customers will be able to create their own customized personal computers are the Nano, Atomic, Titan and Epic computers.
PC Laptops invites any owner of a Totally Awesome-brand personal computer to bring it into any of the six PC Laptops stores located in Utah along the Wasatch Front mountain range for a free diagnostic and check-up.
Sorenson IP Relay allows users to place text-based relay calls from either a mobile device or personal computer to any telephone user.
Our forecast for personal computer sales growth is unchanged at 10 percent, but unit sales in 2004 were 3 million above our earlier forecast.

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