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Total revenue from nonprofit organizations supporting individual cancer types was compared to the incidence, mortality, and person-years of life lost (PYLL) for each cancer.
They then multiplied this by the average person-years of life lost from death attributable to ovarian cancer, 17.5 years, which calculated to about 11 years of life lost for each new case, or 1,100 years of life lost for every 100 new cases of ovarian cancer.
Sondik, "Person-years of life lost due to cancer in the United States, 1970 and 1984," American Journal of Public Health, vol.
The total number of years of potential life lost in this group, compared with life expectancy in the general population, was roughly 48,000, including 4,786 person-years of life lost because of suicide.
Life expectancy benefits were only observed among moderate drinkers in a UK study, which estimated the deaths and person-years of life lost to age 65 that were attributable to various consumption levels.