persistent agent

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per·sis·tent a·gent

(pĕr-sis'tĕnt ā'jĕnt)
A chemical agent that under given conditions of temperature, pressure, wind, and other variables remains in the environment for longer than 1 day. Examples include sulfur mustard, Lewisite, and the nerve agent VX.
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These were once again non persistent agents that dissipated quickly.
The standard persistent agent, mustard gas, cowered under VX.
As Tuomanen's group reported in the July 29, 1990 Cell, Bordatella pertussis, the persistent agent of whooping cough, makes an adhesin that's such an effective mimic that the white cells attach to the bacteria instead of binding to the blood vessel.
The Persistent Agent Dashboard keeps key customer information in front of the agent throughout a transaction and a consolidated search center allows agents to search for information no matter where it resides in the system.
Annie Golden, who has a constant whimper in her voice to match the pools of need in her eyes, gives the evening's most finely turned and consistently funny performance as this fey but persistent agent. She brings in a would-be renter, Mr.
persistent agents such as VX and blister are viewed by many chemical
Predators and Parasites: Persistent Agents of Transnational Harm and Great Power Authority by Oded Lowenheim.
Oded Lowenheim, currently a lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, raises the question of why the Great Powers counter the actions of the "persistent agents of transnational harm" (his acronym: PATH) at some points but not others.
Predators and parasites; persistent agents of transnational harm and great power authority.
While missile warheads can deliver non-persistent chemical agents such as sarin, persistent agents such as VX and blister are viewed by many chemical weapons experts as being more effectively employed by missile warheads than non-persistent agents.
Some persistent agents like mustard can take days or even months to dissipate, depending on temperature and atmospheric conditions.
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