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Obstinate continuation of characteristic behavior, or of existence despite treatment or adverse environmental conditions.
[L. persisto, to abide, stand firm]


1. Obstinate continuation of characteristic behavior.
2. Survival despite opposition or adverse environmental conditions.
[L. persisto, to abide, stand firm]


the period of time between a virus being acquired by a VECTOR and its being transferred to a new host.

Patient discussion about persistence

Q. Have you ever heard that vaccines cause autism? If so why such thought persist? Hi my new friends! Hope you are all in good health! Have you ever heard that vaccines cause autism? If so why such thought persist? I look forward to reading all of your answers tomorrow.

A. Yes I heard about that and avoided being injected sometimes. This belief persists because signs of autism may appear around the same time that children receive the vaccine that prevents measles, mumps and rubella, and some parents worry that the vaccine caused the autism.

Q. Can lung cancer be diagnosed on behalf of persistent cough? My father is a heavy smoker. He smoked for all his adult life and he never stopped. In the last few weeks he started to have persistent cough attacks. Can those attacks be the first sign of lung cancer?

A. Smoking can damage the lung in many ways. The fact that someone that is a smoker is suffering from chronic cough doesn't mean that he is suffering from lung cancer. To get a cretin diagnosis you will have to do a chest X-ray.
here is a X-ray with the lesion that might be an actual lung cancer

Q. Headache that won’t go away. Help! Hi, I’m 47 years old man, working as accountant. Yesterday afternoon, I came back home, and after some time I started to feel headache that still going. Is it dangerous? Is it possible I have something like bleeding? I wasn’t hit or injured in anyway in my head before this headache appeared

A. There are two types of headaches: primary headaches and secondary headaches. Primary headaches are not associated with (caused by) other diseases. Examples of primary headaches are migraine headaches, tension headaches, and cluster headaches. Secondary headaches are caused by associated disease. The associated disease may be minor or serious and life threatening. Tension headaches are the most common type of primary headache. Tension headaches are more common among women than men. Migraine headaches are the second most common type of primary headache. Secondary headaches have diverse causes, ranging from serious and life threatening conditions such as brain tumors, strokes, meningitis, and subarachnoid hemorrhages to less serious but common conditions such as withdrawal from caffeine and discontinuation of analgesics. In any case if your headache continues you should see your doctor immediately. Hope this helps.

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