persecution complex

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per·se·cu·tion com·plex

a feeling that others have evil designs against one's well-being.
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So it's hello France (bonus: no travel stress), farewell problems and persecution complexes.
Having broken UN sanctions by taking part in a chess match in Serbia against, ironically, Boris Spassky, he now appears to hate the United States as much as he once loathed communism, and, as the authors put it, 'inhabits a twilight world of Holocaust denial, persecution complexes and conspiracy theories.
They'll argue the unfairness of that - but it is inevitable - and the sooner the club escapes the trap of self-pitying, misguided persecution complexes the healthier it'll be.
Ketsbaia - who as a player was seldom found wanting where persecution complexes were concerned - appears to relish his role as one of the game's down-trodden and unappreciated.