persecution complex

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per·se·cu·tion com·plex

a feeling that others have evil designs against one's well-being.
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A recent flap in Houston over subpoenas that were served on five conservative churches has stirred up Religious Right groups and fed their persecution complex. It's important to take a look at what really went on there.
Rather than a persecution complex at some invented anti-northern bias among the national media or selectors, it is more a case is simply wishing to shine a light on a region with so much to offer.
There's a sense, then, in which Christianities have historically wavered between a persecution complex and the desire to dominate over and control the world's morality.
He has a persecution complex, but Kapoor does a good job of making him lovable.
Gregory comes across in this novel as an insecure person, suffering from a persecution complex. Would you want to be treated by such a psychotherapist?
Poor Anna will obviously blame herself as her persecution complex will be able to run riot with this latest life hiccup.
And are the latent feelings he represses daily linked to the persecution complex that shows itself nearly every time he is caught off guard?
This had caused him to have an overdeveloped persecution complex for which he had already received medical treatment, including mood stabilisers.
They'd be better off looking towards their manager, who with his failure to land the recruits to take Arsenal to the next level over a prolonged period, irrational persecution complex and inability to lose with any kind of grace is surely a more justifiable target.
The four "boys" are: Norman, who loves doughnuts; Lucien, who lugs around a weighty pile of books he cannot read; Arnold, a hyperactive, compulsive chatterer with a persecution complex; and Barry, who fantasizes that he is a golf pro.
I'm not on some feminist rant here and I'm not battling a persecution complex. It doesn't even take a brilliant mind - or even the Chancellor - to work it out.