Containing the bivalent group O2.
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This radical is delocalized over the pentadiene structure and reacts with oxygen to produce the peroxy radical and conjugation in the fatty acid ester chain (II).
The report"Organic Peroxide Market by Type (Diacyl Peroxides, Ketone Peroxides, Peroxyesters, Percarbonates, Dialkyl Peroxides, Peroxy Ketals, Hydro-Peroxides), Applications (Chemical & Plastic, Coating Adhesives & Elastomers, Paper & Textiles, Detergents, Personal Care), Geography - Global Industry Trends & Forecasts to 2020" .
26) The methods used to prevent oxidation are firstly the energy transfer to the carotenoid which will quench singlet oxygen due to the conjugate double bond within their molecular structure, and secondly the reaction with peroxy radicals that are involved in lipid peroxidation
It is capable of scavenging and destroying chain propagation especially in the form of peroxy, alkoxy and hydroxyl radicals by donating active hydrogen atoms.
To explain in more detail, following the creation of radicals from protein or amino acids (arginine, cysteine, histidine, lysine, methionine, proline, serine, tryptophan, and valine) by attack of hydroxyl radicals (OH) produced during the oxidation process of unsaturated fatty acids, a peroxy radical product is created by reaction with former radicals and oxygen and then finally develops carbonyls through further oxidative processes with reactive oxygen species or metal ions.
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A hydrogen atom attached to the tertiary carbon is removed, easily giving a free radical (Figure 3), which reacts with oxygen to give a peroxy free radical.
The first is the direct reaction of peroxy nitrite with the DNA structure.
The interaction of rutin with superoxide ion and ferrous ions and the reaction of quercetin with lipid peroxy radicals were also studied.
2] [right arrow] HOO (hydrogen peroxy radical) HOO + PH [right arrow] HOOH (hydrogen peroxide) + P (back to Step 1) Scission HOOH + UV [right arrow] HO + OH (hydroxide radical) PH + OH [right arrow] [H.
Among these are specific elements and compounds, including chlorine and lead nitrate, and groups, including chiral oxidants and peroxy acids.
A variety of crosslinks including those that generate new alkyl, ether, and peroxy groups are formed by the various radical coupling reactions involved in autoxidation.

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