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He is one of only a few physicians worldwide who can perform a peroral endoscopic myotomy (POEM), a technique that helps patients with swallowing disorders.
Yap et al., "IL-10 is required for prevention of necrosis in the small intestine and mortality in both genetically resistant BALB/c and susceptible C57BL/6 mice following peroral infection with Toxoplasma gondii," Journal of Immunology, vol.
Medical treatment of these inoperable patients and the patients with palliative surgery included diazoxide (n = 4), somatostatin analogues (n = 5), radiation therapy of metastases (n = 2), 5-fluorouracilstreptozotocin (n = 3), sunitinib (n = 1), doxorubicin (n = 1), doxorubicin-dacarbazine (n =1), interferon alpha (n = 3), peroral corticosteroids (n = 4), dearterialization and embolization of liver arteries (n = 1), chemoembolization of liver metastases (n =1), resection and thermoablation of liver metastases (n =1), and superselective embolization of a branch of the gastroduodenal artery (n =1).
A recent innovation of the endoscopic submucosal tunnelling technique is gastric peroral endoscopic myotomy (G-POEM).
Period Therapy Dosage and reasons of dosage changes Diagnosis (2004), Danazol peroral 50-200 mg/day 2013 (according to the patient's symptoms) 2013-2014 (in vitro IV (intravenous) 1000 U/twice a week fertilization pdC1INH (LHRH injections were therapies) repeated four times.
The day after surgical removal of the foreign body, the intravenous cefuroxime was discontinued, and he was prescribed a 10-day course of ciprofloxacin (750 mg three times a day) peroral treatment.
The BRAF inhibitor vemurafenib at a classical dose of 960 mg twice per day peroral with a combination of infusional panitumumab 6 mg/kg biweekly was chosen for the patient according to the early results of currently ongoing clinical studies of vemurafenib in BRAF V600E mutated CRCs.
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