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Able to pass through a particular semipermeable membrane.
[L. permeabilis (see permeate)]
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The polar PA-6 has high affinity for permeant water molecules, while the nonpolar polyethylene phase and the nanoclay present in the systems studied can act as physical barriers for water vapor permeation.
The barrier resistance of polyethylene, a common polyolefinic packaging material, can be enhanced for nonpolar permeants by blending with a minor phase of nylon 6 (PA6).
Diffusion coefficients for permeant uptake in polyester [D.
1/2] might be expected to exhibit behaviour similar to that of nonlyphenol ethanoate, however its behaviour is closer to that of isopropylmyristate and the initial permeant uptake being slightly faster but the subsequent diffusion is slightly slower, Fig.
On the other hand, the free-volume group of parameters require the calculation of the ratio of permeant to polymer jump size units ([xi]), which can be obtained through the glass transition temperature of the polymer [26].
The free-volume parameters of several permeants were published by Hong [26], in a paper where the author also describes a method to regress these parameters from viscosity data.
The net result of this is that larger spherulites are more effective in creating increased tortuosity in the path of penetrating permeant molecules.
The regions through which the permeant molecules must travel are thus reduced.
In barrier materials, it is generally desired to arrange polymer components within a series of alternating continuous layers to effectively impede permeants.
Studies using methylene chloride (11) and carbon dioxide (12) as permeants gave evidence of the existence of a disordered phase in the LCP, which behaved as a permeable component.
For a flat permeable membrane separating two volumes of gas, the permeant flux J through a uniform section of membrane is given by
Percolation approach leads to analogous formulae for the permeability [36], elastic modulus [37, 38], and diffusion coefficients (for small permeant molecules) [25] of binary blends with negligible contribution of one component to the considered property.