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Able to pass through a particular semipermeable membrane.
[L. permeabilis (see permeate)]
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Chim-oye, "Effect of permeant liquid on the swell volume and permeability of geosynthetic clay liners," Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, vol.
With a set-up similar to an isostatic permeation study, a material sample that has been conditioned or saturated at some constant concentration of permeant is outgassed to the appropriate detector for quantification.
Thus, blend morphology becomes a tool for controlling permeation through optimal arrangement of the two polymer phases given their relative barrier resistance to any permeant, as for example in the polyethylene/nylon system under consideration here in regard to water vapor permeation.
The samples were soaked in a screw tight test bottles containing 15-20 ml of the respective permeant in a thermostatically controlled oven at the required temperature.
The gating currents were isolated by replacing permeant ions with impermeant ones, thus reducing ionic currents, subtracting away symmetrical currents and, in most cases, blocking the ionic sodium current with tetrodotoxin [1, 2].
Italian Permeant Representative to UN Ambassador Sebastiano Cardi told media outlets that his country is disappointed for not approving the draft resolution to extend a joint investigative mechanism between the UN and the OPAC on chemical weapons in Syria.
He expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the Sultanate's permeant stances and support for the Palestinian people in all international forums.
As seen above, many applications of high technological impact depend on membranes and, therefore, the knowledge of the constituent polymeric materials is crucial, as well as the interactions between the permeant molecules and the polymer molecules.
with CUL-KUWAIT-UNESCO-CONFERENCE) PARIS, Nov 6 (KUNA) -- Kuwait has won the post of the UNESCO Education Commission Rapporteur, said the country's permeant envoy to the organization Dr.
According to this reasoning, the permeation process is expected to be primarily dependent upon the amorphous volume of a polymer, available for migration of permeant gases.
Channel pores, when open, allow passive fluxes of permeant ions.
Al-Issa's delegation Kuwait's Ambassador to France Sami Al-Suleiman and Kuwait's Permeant Delegate to UNESCO Dr.