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Able to pass through a particular semipermeable membrane.
[L. permeabilis (see permeate)]
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Permeance, PA/l###Gas Permeation Unit###6 cm3 (STP) / cm2 .
The airgap permeance, accounting for stator and rotor slotting, can be approximated, expressed as follows [26]:
Figure 6 presents the effect of solvent/nonsolvent ratio in spinning dope on pure gas permeance and ideal selectivity of MMHFM containing the functionalized MIL-53.
where M is water vapor permeance (kg [Pa.sup.-1] [s.sup.-1] [m.sup.-2]) and [[DELTA]p.sub.wv] is the difference in water vapor pressure (Pa) across the specimen.
Air permeance (porosity) is a measure of the extent to which a paper surface will allow the penetration of a gas or liquid such as air or ink through its surface.
where [[LAMBDA].sub.0] is the average air-gap permeance. W = [w.sub.s]/[[delta].sub.0] is the dimensionless radial displacement of the stator core, and [[delta].sub.0] is the average eccentricity.
The permeance of PM is close to air which is far greater than that of stator or rotor iron.
The magnetic force is proportional to the gradient of the permeance ([??]) multiplied by the square of the "magnetomotive force" (essentially, the total applied Amp * turn product).