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Baldness Dermatology
1. Loss or absence of hair on the scalp.
2. Baldness, see there See Hair replacement, Hot comb alopecia, Moth-eaten alopecia.
Alopecia types
Male pattern
On the front and top–blame mother
Alopecia areata–blame mother, angry lover
Related to RT–blame radiation oncologist
Alopecia capitis totalis–blame mother
Due to chemotherapy—cyclophosphamide, cytosine arabinoside, doxorubicin–blame oncologist


(pĕr′mă-nĕnt) [″ + manere, to remain]
Enduring; without change.
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And as culturally influential as the riot grrrl scene is, Klein and the rest of Permanent Wave choose not to look at it through rose-colored glasses.
Permanent Wave will rock like it was 1975 at this weekend's 30th anniversary celebration for the Community Center for the Performing Arts, which operates the WOW Hall.
Koizumi, who goes to the Yokosuka barber shop several times a year to redo the permanent wave, likes the fact that the style is functional, easy to wash and easy to maintain, Nakagomi said.
It's designed for permanent waves or naturally curly hair.
Exactly how a permanent wave would be built, Patrick wasn't sure, but he assumed some sort of barrier could be placed under the water so the current would pour over it and create a large wave.
Permanent Waves is a narrative etiology, a work that develops its own metaphysical vision and then nourishes it, through rich details, toward magnificent fruition.
Feminist Coalitions: Historical Perspectives on Second Wave Feminism in the United States (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2008); and Hewitt, No Permanent Waves.
The interest led to the formation of the women's arts organisation Permanent Waves and today more women than ever are establishing themselves as artists, while juggling their families and careers.
Care Free Curl gel glosser is a shining and defining gel that moisturizes, helps restore permanent waves after shampooing and protects hair from damage.
Tommy Wayne Downs spent the eighties in the ghettoes of Nashville, selling permanent waves as the path to the American dream.
Fast Handicap (Marine Lake): Permanent Waves (T Lawrence) and Black to the Future (P Johnson) one win each.
PERMANENT Waves Arts Association, which is based in Fairwater, Cardiff, is holding courses in the design industry's favoured print and graphics package Quark Xpress in the next two months.

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