permanent restoration

per·ma·nent res·to·ra·tion

a definitive restoration, in contradistinction to a temporary or provisional restoration.

per·ma·nent res·tor·a·tion

(pĕrmă-nĕnt restŏr-āshŭn)
Definitive restoration, in contradistinction to a temporary or provisional restoration.
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Tenders are invited for Permanent restoration of existing bituminus Road damaged due to laying of primary grid along Netaji Subhas Road from Chainage 1425.
He said that permanent restoration of peace in Afghanistan is Pakistan's prime wish and added that Pakistan is trying very hard for this.
Omar expressed gratitude towards the central government for timely assistance and said, " We look to you ( Modi) in this hour of grave crisis for all the required support in the second phase of calamity management in terms of rehabilitation of the affected families besides permanent restoration of the public assets.
Hartlepool Council planning committee's decision to reject plans for the extension and permanent restoration of the Seaton Meadows Landfill site - against a recommendation by officers to approve the proposals - has been strongly criticised by the company operating the site.
Leh Hill Council has already sent a project proposal of 133 crore rupees to the Central Government for permanent restoration of the region but the funds are yet to be released.
The federal government will pay as much as 75 percent of the eligible costs of emergency measures that were undertaken as well as permanent restoration work.
FEMA provides assistance for debris removal costs, emergency protective measures and permanent restoration costs.
government in urging full compliance with the ruling and a permanent restoration of fair competition within our industry.
It includes restoration measures for the main Ellington site with permanent restoration along the southern and northern boundaries.
Permanent restoration of hearing and vestibular function by the endolymphatic subarachnoid shunt operation.
The tribe has set aside over $4 million in a permanent restoration fund to meet this need.
Young supporters including college-age activists and new workforce entrants established these chapters nationwide to remain politically involved expressly to challenge the status quo, bring about lasting prosperity, and work toward the full, permanent restoration of their economic and civil liberties.

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