permanent magnets

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permanent magnets, magnets containing the mineral boron and the rare earth metal neodymium; often combined to create a neoprene or ceramic entity.
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10 Requirements for Setting-up a Permanent Magnet Manufacturing Plant11 Challenges Faced By the Magnet Industry For more information visit http://www.
Jay McFadyen, Senior Vice President - Marine Services, Americas, Rolls-Royce said:"We are delighted that Norwegian Cruise Line is the first cruise customer to select our new permanent magnet tunnel thruster as an upgrade to an existing propulsion package.
For this reason the tangent resistance forces of magnetic fields of each magnet pair appear, which attempt to reset both links (driving and driven) to the conjunction position of the axes of permanent magnets poles.
and the calculated magnetomotive force of permanent magnets by rated temperature
A number of years ago, permanent magnets had to be within 10 or 12 inches of the conveyor, but the new rare earth ones can be suspended up to 15 inches away and still equate with an electro-magnet," he remarks.
Plates, grates and traps are simply rare earth permanent magnets arranged in a circuit and contained in a stainless steel enclosure.
Besides being a viable replacement for electromagnets in some applications, Magswitch solves some of the mechanical and cost problems associated with earlier, bulky attempts to broaden the use of permanent magnets.
It consists of a wheel that contains segments of gadolinium powder and a high-powered, rare earth permanent magnet.
Japanese scientists have discovered a new type of transparent magnet with the same properties as a permanent magnet that could increase the versatility of information technology (IT), according to the U.
Simon of the University of California, Los Angeles has assembled a handheld version of the levitator using permanent magnets and graphite plates.
In the field of permanent magnet materials, NdFeB permanent magnet materials (namely third-generation rare earth permanent magnets) have the most promising application prospect.
has innovated an invention that can extract energy from permanent magnets.

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