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6 portrays a diagram of the permanent magnet's geometric skewing with regards to stator teeth and slots.
The immediate focus for the United States should be on reestablishing its domestic REE supply and permanent magnet production capabilities, but not to the exclusion of pursuing better technology.
(1997) A novel sensorless control technique for permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) using digital signal processor (DSP) Aerospace and Electronics Conference, 1997.
Permanent magnet is a key component in the construction of wind turbine generators used for transforming mechanical power into electrical power [1].
It needs to be pointed out that the above mentioned reconstructed flux linkage only include the flux linkage that are produced by magnet field of working current and permanent magnet acting on three-phase armatures.
This paper analyses the design and testing of a slow-speed directly-driven slotless permanent magnet synchronous generator.
A magnetic field was applied to magnetic elastomers using a permanent magnet (NeoMag Co.
There are two main types of PM machine according to location of the permanent magnet. The magnet of the SPM machine is attached on the surface of the rotor, whereas those of the interior permanent magnet (IPM) machine are buried inside.
Technical Characteristics of Permanent Magnet Brakes
With the development of power electronic devices and the improvement of the motor control technology, the permanent magnet synchronous motor has attracted more and more attention for its advantages of high efficiency, wide speed regulation, and high power density.
Requirements for Setting-up a Permanent Magnet Manufacturing Plant

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