permanent magnet

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permanent magnet

An MRI term for a magnet design that uses blocks of ferromagnetic materials (permanent magnets) to generate a magnetic field between the magnet’s poles.

No need for extra electrical power or cooling, reduced fringe field effect and no missile effect due to iron composition of magnet.

Weight considerations limit permanent magnets to maximum field strengths of 0.3T or less.
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r], produced by the permanent magnet and that can be described as the sum of the previously defined three magnetic fluxes.
Technically, spring set and permanent magnet designs can perform the same basic function.
Analysis and Calculation of Eddy Current Loss of Permanent Magnet of Interior Permanent Magnet Motor
The stator and rotor, equivalent winding and permanent magnet are not only the heat source components, but also the heat transfer components, while other parts just are the heat transfer components.
For given values of the permanent magnet depth and the rotational speed an increase of the clearance to a certain value results in the rise of the mass flow rate; however, further widening the clearance would not result in more increase of mass flow rate.
The inner and outer radii of the inner permanent magnet ring are R1 and R2 respectively and R3 and R4 are of outer permanent magnet ring.
The axial interior permanent magnet motors take advantage of the inherent energy efficiency of a permanent magnet motor, but without the increased costs associated with rare earth magnets.
Prior to 1990, the United States was largely self-sufficient in meeting its REE and permanent magnet requirements.
The elimination of gearbox losses is aided by the use of a novel permanent magnet based motor that increases energy efficiency dramatically.
Are permanent magnet generators, placed on the backburner since the earliest days of electricity, ready for a comeback?
Permanent magnet synchronous and brushless DC motor drives.
Permanent magnet synchronous motors have been used in many industrial applications because they have several inherent advantages e.

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