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Cathoranthus roseus formerly classified as Vinca rosea, Lochnera rosea, or Ammocallis rosea.
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PERIWINKLE VINCA MAJOR AND VINCA MINOR PERIWINKLEs ground cover trailing shrubs which provide eyecatching winter foliage and early flower in shades of blue and white.
He thought, "The big sea is far too big for me." On the rocky shore, Finn was happy on his bed of seaweed looking at starfish, seaweed, limpets, periwinkles, and hermit crabs.
Let us waken slowly to the wardrobe slipping its moorings, to the buoy music wire hangers make, to belongings and hand-me-downs setting sail, to Holy Marys, periwinkles, shells making themselves at home on our bedroom floor among hair strands, dust balls, shed skin, and accept from the hands of our one neighbor who crosses from the mainland in a light craft fashioned from sallies and the skin of a single cow, the leaves he claims grow there in abundance and passes out on the quay like tender.
Periwinkles combine well with Pachysandra, especially in problem areas such as under trees, on slopes where grass is difficult to grow, or on the north side of a building where little else will grow and thrive in acid soil.
Her cheerful floral skirt, colored with blues, purples and periwinkles, brightens a pair of black warm-up pants.
Shrimps, crabs, periwinkles and snails are organisms which are found mainly in water, in muddy and mouldy terrestrial environments.
For molluscs like periwinkles and murex sea snails, a shell is a coat of armour.
If you want something permanent and easy to tend, one of the smaller periwinkles, Vinca minor, would be ideal.
The woman, last night named locally as Kay Mullins from Bere Island, West Cork, was due to collect her brother's children from school yesterday at 3pm after a day picking periwinkles on the western side of the island.
Saturday at Periwinkles Bar and Grill, 917 Southbridge St., Auburn.
She carried a hand-tied bouquet of periwinkles and pale blue hydrangeas, stephanotis with pale blue crystal centers, white tulips, roses, and green hypericum berries with a collar of greenery wrapped in a periwinkle ribbon.
The scientists grew more than 100 periwinkles in tanks.