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Cathoranthus roseus formerly classified as Vinca rosea, Lochnera rosea, or Ammocallis rosea.
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Davies and his colleague Janine Blackwell have measured the thickness of new and reused trails of a common periwinkle (Littorina littorea), which creeps along rocky Atlantic shores.
I like to see a thick carpet of periwinkle flowers and will use some of our cuttings and plant them in between the original plants I put in, filling the spaces in between so that finally they are two or three inches apart.
It is designed with added features, including a custom travel case and a new color, periwinkle, razor handle.
Rather than removing the fence, which would have been quite expensive, or disguising it with vines or shrubs, the owners had it painted periwinkle blue.
The recall, which involves about 960 units, is for Bailey Chenille Rugs in the periwinkle blue color only.
We went for a pumpkin orange, sage green, lovely lavender, pretty pink and periwinkle blue.
periwinkle blue hands that scale their Gaudi stalks, wild yellow sunbursts ride slender ropes, a hundred luscious lavenders clump in bowls.
A winner at Thurles five days earlier, Bizet took command on the approach to the penultimate flight to beat Periwinkle Lad by three and a half lengths.
He uses one drug--an extract from the endangered rosy periwinkle plant--to treat young cancer patients.
Once the mixture starts boiling, add the okazi leave, water leaves and periwinkle. When the okazi leaves become soft and the water dries up a bit, add salt and allow the contents to simmer for five minutes.
Alternatives include creeping cotoneaster, carrying delightful flowers, foliage and berry, and perennial periwinkle vinca, which will grow easily across any ground, bringing bright green foliage and purple flowers.
ERIC HILSDON AYLSHAM NORFOLK HI ERIC, Yes, the plant is named correctly - it is Vinca rosea, otherwise known as the Madagascar periwinkle.