perivitelline space

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per·i·vi·tel·line space

the space between the vitelline membrane and the zona pellucida, appearing in an ovum immediately following fertilization.
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At the egg cell membrane, there were microvilli projecting outward into the perivitelline space (Fig.
Some of the oocytes were striped off expanded cumulus cells for visualization of the extruded first polar body in the perivitelline space.
It was reported (1) that Heliocidaris eggs develop beneath the tightly fitting perivitelline space and form a wrinkled blastula in order to increase the ratio of the embryonic surface to the available volume.
Sperm injected into the perivitelline space with these caps still in place cannot fertilize the egg, she says.
(20.) Xia P Intracytoplasmic sperm injection: correlation of oocyte grade based on polar body, perivitelline space and cytoplasmic inclusions with fertilization rate and embryo quality.
Fibroblasts were trypsinized into single cells and transferred into the perivitelline space of enucleated oocytes.
All eggs measuring between 1.0 and 1.4 mm with an ocular micrometer and having one or more of the morphological characteristics corresponding to cobia eggs--single, large (300 to 600 [micro]m), pigmented oil droplet, heavily pigmented embryo, or narrow perivitelline space (Ditty and Shaw, 1992; Ditty, 2006)--were removed and preserved in 10% neutral buffered formalin.
Within 1-2 min, the sperm head passed through the thickness of the vitelline envelope and became lodged within the perivitelline space. No obvious change was found when sperm stopped moving at the plasma membrane.
Within a minute postinsemination, when the fertilization envelope could be identified, a number of particles were observed in the perivitelline space (perivitelline-space particles) (Fig.