peritoneal lavage

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peritoneal lavage

Irrigation of the peritoneal cavity, e.g., to diagnose blunt abdominal trauma; to diagnose, by obtaining cytologic specimens, or treat tumors of the peritoneum with chemotherapeutic agents; and to treat peritonitis, assist in evacuation of blood, fecal soilage, and/or purulent secretions as in hemorrhage or peritonitis.
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pertaining to the peritoneum.

continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis
the use of an indwelling catheter with external tubing that is strapped to the body wall when not being used for infusion and drainage of the dialysate fluid.
peritoneal cysts
include vestigial remnants of primordial urogenital organs, cestode intermediate stages, inclusion cysts or lymphatic ectasia.
peritoneal dialysis
the employment of the peritoneum surrounding the abdominal cavity as a dialyzing membrane for the purpose of removing acumulated waste products or toxins. In veterinary medicine, the main indication is acute, reversible renal failure. Certain crystalloids such as urea, creatinine and electrolytes, and some drugs, such as the salicylates, bromides and barbiturates, can be removed.
Fluid equal in osmolarity and similar in chemical composition to normal body fluid is introduced into the peritoneal cavity via a catheter. After a period of time ('dwell time') determined by the molecular weight of the substance being used as the dialyzing solution, the fluid is drained and the cycle repeated.
peritoneal implantation
attachment and growth of other tissues to the peritoneum, e.g. a fetus escaped from the genital tract, direct metastasis of malignant tumors.
peritoneal lavage
see abdominal lavage.
peritoneal lymph
the fluid normally present in very small amount in the peritoneal cavity.
peritoneal membrane
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Selective use of computed tomography and diagnostic peritoneal lavage in blunt abdominal trauma.
Based on the unsatisfactory results from the treatment of diffuse purulent peritonitis with the methods of drainage techniques and closed postoperative peritoneal lavage, we implemented the method of laparostomy in 1989.
Nasogastric drainage and thorough peritoneal lavage with saline are necessary after the injury is repaired.
Ultrasound in abdominal trauma: an alternative to peritoneal lavage.
Ten days later, peritoneal lavage and surgery to remove diseased colonic tissue were performed, but the patient died 2 days after surgery.
It covers vascular access techniques, nutritional support, thoracocentesis and thoracostomy tube placement, oxygen supplementation, urinary catheter placement, urohydropulsion, antepubic temporary cystostomy catheter placement, abdominocentesis and diagnostic peritoneal lavage, pericardiocentesis, central venous pressure, and the aforesaid list of supplies, including catheters, drugs, syringes and placement supplies.
Peritoneal lavage fluid was centrifuged at 200g, and pelleted cells were resuspended in Dulbecco's modified Eagle medium (DMEM) supplemented with 10% fetal bovine serum (FBS), penicillin, and streptomycin (100 U/mL).
Diagnostic peritoneal lavage has fallen out of favor because, while it is sensitive for intraperitoneal bleeding, it is invasive and does not predict outcome or the need for laparotomy.
Another cooling method is peritoneal lavage using lavage fluid at 6[degrees] C.
Peritoneal lavage is reserved for children who cannot respond during repeated physical examination (i.